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A special series, a special cast and crew, friendships that will last forever.

This page is just a begining but in time there will be more

This first picture has been borrowed from the web site of GWD's most recent series "Black Harbour" .

As you can see the actor in question also looks quite good in the sunlight

While this recently concluded Canadian series was not my favorite it did have some very talented actors and beautiful scenary. It also allowed Ger to further hone the directorial talent he began to develop on "Forever Knight".
Forever Knight, Alt3S, and Fanfic
This is a pubilicity still of Ger as reluctant vampire turned modern day police detective Nicholas Knight, I know the premise sounds a little corny and you've never heard of a blond-haired, blue-eyed vampire. The very incongruity is a lot of what makes this show(now playing on the scifi channel) work. And it is the incredible talent of Ger and the entire theatrically trained cast of this thrice gemini nominated show that make it something special.

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Ger at play
Curious what I look like? This is me AlexaKnight(yes that is a alias in case you didn't guess) and Geraint Wyn Davies taken earlier this year.

I enjoyed meeting him a great deal he has impressed me both with his wide ranging talents and with his warm, playful nature.

I met him at a celebrity golf and tennis tournement for charity, he only participated in the tennis(Ger is very big on children's charity), an event which he won despite a bad cold.

Ger is quite the natural athlete; a very determined and competitive player, it was a pleasure to watch even in 90 degree heat.
I hope to have tennis and pictures from the sunday breakfast up as soon as I figure out how to modify this page the right way.

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