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��Welcome to my fan fiction site and observe the twisted mind that is indeed my own. Wait, don't be afraid. I promise no characters were hurt in the making of these tales and that they will still come home when their owners call them. No money is being made here and all that copyright jazz. These stories are strictly for my enjoyment and anyone who cares to read them. So dear visitor, do enjoy my works and perhaps peruse the other links and such I have here. Visit often as I'm always writing and will be updating Marsha's page or Index 2.

Table of Contents :
LOVE BITES - LaCroix may have met his match in a young runaway named Jezebel. Will she just be his next meal or something more?

LOVE BLEEDS - A terrible act of vengence forces Jezebel to make a life or death decision.

AN EYE FOR AN EYE - Someone is killing LaCroix's children. Is there a hunter in their midst or something more sinister?     (NOTE:  This story is incomplete.)

THE GIFT - Dr.Lambert, always frustrated and in the background, finally gets what's coming to her.

MARSHA'S PAGE- These are stories I've penned for my best friend who always gets a kick out of my work. Take a peek inside and see if you enjoy them too.

Meet the heros I've recently adopted. Perhaps after reading about them you'll go to the OJC page and adopt heros of your own.After all, they cared enough to fight for this country. Shouldn't we care enough to see them brought home?

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netCREATORS Icon Page- FREE Animated GIFS!

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