Jean at the Witching Hour - a fan story based on Janet Sandison's Jean Robertson series

A work of fan fiction based on Janet Sandison’s Jean Robertson series

Jean at the Witching Hour

Old Pillans’ story

herd of dairy shorthorn cattle

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

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This story was written as a gift for my sister, Flo Watson, in the fan fiction gift exchange, My Old Fandom.  It was originally posted to AO3 on 11 June 2016 with the reveal on 17 June.

Peter Pillans, Mrs. Wilson, Jessie Wilson, Mr. Dawson, Jessie Simpson, Bessie Simpson, Mr. Simpson, Minnie (née Guthrie) and her mother, and the locations and relationships between the characters as described in this story come from Janet Sandison (Jane Duncan)’s series of books about Jean Robertson’s life and times.  The original series and its characters are the property of Jane Duncan’s estate.   This story has been written as a commentary on the original work.  No copyright infringement is intended.

The picture of dairy shorthorn cattle comes originally from Wikipedia, to which it was added by Ryan Barrett on 16 May 2008.  It was cropped with Microsoft Paint, and turned into a transparency at Online Image Editor.

The stone background graphic comes from Silvia Hartmann.
The sandy background graphics came from, and had their colour altered at and/or with Microsoft Picture Manager.
The other background graphics come from and/or were made at
I made the stone buttons myself using a background tile from, and turned it into a transparent PNG at the Free Online Image Editor.

All original material on this webpage copyright © Greer Watson 2016.