Oh my, OH MY.. He's dark, powerful, seductive, dangerous and have I mentioned rather easy on the eyes? I have decided to reserve a special corner of my web page just for my favorite character in Forever Knight, Lucien LaCroix.

I would definately classify myself as an unabashed Cousin and Nunkies Addict. I also seem to have picked up some Light Cousinly tendencies as well! Yikes! But, it was nice to know that I was not alone in my admiration of him. When searching the web, I came up with a multitude of links to other people's LaCroix pages. I shall include a partial listing for your viewing pleasure. I am also a fan of Nick's Partner, Schanke. So that makes me a F.O.D, or Friend Of Don as well. And while we're at it, may as well throw Ravenette in there too..Janette is one classy lady.

Nigel Bennett, the actor that plays Our Beloved LaCroix is quite an interesting person. In 1995, he won the Gemini (Canadian Televion Award) for best supporting actor in the Forever Knight episode Curiouser and Curiouser and he has been in a plethora other Movies, TV movies, TV shows, plays and commercials! I liked him in alot of his tv movie roles. Soft Deceit was fun, as was Murder at 1600. He is indeed quite the jack-of-all-trades. He is currently writing a vampire trilogy with Science Fiction author P.N. Elrod. He is the model for the cover art.

Nigel is also involved in many charities. Charities such as The Casey House Hospice which cares for people afflicted with AIDS. He is also active with the Canadian Diabetes Foundation.

From what I have read on the email lists and on the internet in general, he seems like a warm, caring man. He also seems to genuinely like to meet his fans. That is a true rarity these days and I certainly commend him for that. And I heard that he gives great hugs....send one on over!!

***** = Very good, lots of Nigel to drool over!
**** = Not bad, not enough Nigel :(
*** = If you miss it, I wouldn't worry too much!
** = Get the fast forward button ready!
* = He was in this?! I must have blinked!

Gotti- Not in the movie too much. Appears about an hour into the movie. Plays a detective I believe. Looks VERY nice, but the "American" accent...*SHUDDER* I prefer his own accent! I give it ** as a movie itself.

Her Desparate Choice- Lifetime TV movie about a woman who is forced to kidnap her daughter to keep her away from her abusive father. She is helped by the underground railroad, a network of people who help mothers and abused children. Very good movie. Nigel has a few scenes, again with the American accent but he looks quite good. I give it ***

The Rescuers- Showtime movie about a couple in Amsterdam who hide jews in thier house and help get them out of the country. Nigel plays one of thier friends who helps them. Very brief scenes. It's a good movie as well. I would have enjoyed it anyway. :) I give it **.

Soft Deceit- An E! network production. 6 Million dollars is stolen out of a church. Nigel plays one of the men in on the deal. This one is a fun one to watch just for Nigel, the movie itself is boring as hell, we get to see Nigel in a priest's outfit, AND...are we ready my fellow cousins and Nunkies addicts??? We get to see him in bed with a girl sleeping. He hears something and then gets up out of bed with no clothes on!!! WOo WOO! You can only see his back and it's quite a nice one at that! I have this thing for shoulders and nice backs, MREOW. He appears to be totally nude, but you dont' see anything below his waist. There is also a total LaCroix moment when he goes to kiss the girl goodbye and she grabs him and kisses him fiercely. He smiles at her, kisses her back and then chuckles with a little LaCroix expression on his face. Too bad it was the only good scene he got in the movie! He is also only in the first half of the movie. I give it **** purely for his scenes in the first few minutes of the movie. And the destructive fit he goes on. Quite amusing.

Murder at 1600-There is a murder at the White House! Who is behind it? Overall it's a pretty good movie in itself. But the fact that Nigel is in it makes it even better. He's not in too many of the scenes, but he is in alot of the action scenes. Keep your Cousinly eye peeled to spot him in his tuxedo. MrEoW! Definately a good rental idea. I give it ****.

Flood: A River's Rampage-I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but it seems like a typical tv movie about, yes, you guessed it, a flood! Nigel is dressed in army fatigues throughout the movie, and of course, he looks GOOD. Gotta love a man in uniform! I think he could make a paper bag look good if he wore it..but I digress... :) He has a few scattered scenes here and there. I give it ****.

Thanks of a Grateful Nation-Well, first off, let me tell you that this movie is about 3 hours long! I must have missed that somewhere. It's a real drag of a movie as well, interesting topic but such a slow mover. In it, Nigel is again in uniform, this time in a full admiral/general's uniform complete with pins up the wazoo. He FINALLY appears about 1 1/2 hours into the movie. He has a total of 5 minutes camera time in this movie. I give it *. That's it. If you blink or get up to go to the loo, you'll miss it.

Die Darkman Die III-Not at a bad movie. Although I think Nigel could have easily played the part that Jeff Fayhey did. It was rather funny hearing him say the word "SHIT!" with his accent. They gave him a nice wardrobe as well. Except for those breeches!! What in god's name were those?!! YIKES!! He plays this role well, this time he's the bad guy's cohort, some of his expressions are great... You know, did you ever notice that sometimes he has an accent, and sometimes he doesn't? Anyway..if you catch it on TV one night or decide to rent it, it's got enough Nigel in it to bring an evil grin to any Cousin's face. I give it ****.

John Woo's Once a Thief-This was HYSTERICAL, this episode also featured John Kapelos from FK. Nigel's name was Nicholas Love, quite ironic I must say...(No, I am not a UFer!!!) John Kapelos and Nigel together is a scream, Nigel plays a poetry spouting military man while John Kapelos plays his bumbling partner. The bathtub scene is quite NICE. I give it ********! This has to be my favorite role yet, besides LaCroix. It's great to see him do some comedic acting, it's a good change from such serious bad guys..but he does them so well...MREOW!

Kung Fu The Legend Continues-He was in the episode called "Bankers Hours" where a bank robbery was taking place and he was the head of the Swat Team called in. It was fun to watch, he doesn't have much screen time, but it's worth a watch anyway. I give it ***.

Narrow Margin-I didn't get to see the whole movie yet, but it seemed to me that Nigel gets a fair amount of lines. Maybe a good idea for a rental if you're also into Gene Hackman. It seemed like a pretty good movie too. Nigel is dressed up in a suit looking grouchy most of the time. I give it ****.

Keeper of the King Audiobook

Another topic I would like to touch upon is the "Keeper of the King" audiobook. I really recommend it! It's very entertaining. Nigel gets to read some naughty parts of the book to us too. Now that in itself makes it worth it! *grin* There are some who blush just reading parts like that to themselves! Now you can have Nigel read it to you, in that silky voice of his.Oh yes, definately worth the money. I wonder if he knew it would give us all a thrill to be able to listen to him for 3 1/2 hours!! Sneaky boy! It's well written and quite a good story. I am really enjoying it. I hope he does audiobooks for the other books in this trilogy. He is he model for the cover art as well. Order it today from Amazon.com!

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