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        He was brought across in 1228
       preyed on humans for thier blood
       Now he wants to be mortal again-

            To repay society for his sins
     To emerge from his world of darkness,
                   From his endless
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Welcome to a world where legends are a reality and nothing is ever as it seems.
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     This is my little world of Forever Knight where you can find a variety of Fan Fiction and info on the show. So if you love Forever Knight and the Knightlife look no further.
  10/09/03: As I become more internet sauve I will be contructing new layouts and changing some things around.

  10/21/03: Mark your calendars and get ready for the release of  The Forever Knight Trilogy Volume 1 coming to a store near you with trailors and exclusive commentary/interviews with James Parriot and Geraint Wyn Davies just in time for a Halloween Marathon
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