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Forever Knight is about a 800 year old Vampire Nicolas de Brabant-AKA Nick Knight in Toronto, Canada. He becomes a Homicide Detective there to try and repay society for his sins.  The city Medical Examiner Natalie Lambert is the only mortal who knows what he is and is trying to find a cure to make him mortal again.  Don Schanke is his Mortal Detective partner, and just thinks  Nick is weird.  Jeanette Ducharme  Is Nick's  Vampire sister and ex-lover.  And is trying to lure him back to his "True" nature.   Lucien LaCroix is Nick's Vampire Master (which is like a Father or brother)  Who dosen't want Nick to become mortal and will do "anything" to keep him from acheiving his goal.  Tracy Vetter joins the cast in the third season when Schanke dies (Waaaa) and becomes Nick's partner. And also in the third season Javier Vachon , Urs and Screed three more vampire shows up when Jeanette moves on .  I'll be adding things as time permits. I hope you'll enjoy my site.
Have a Fangtastic Knight,
He was brought across in 1228.... preyed
on humans for their blood... now he wants to be mortal again.....to repay
society for his sins..... to emerge from his world of darkness... from his endless forever  Knight.....
Nicolas de Brabant
(Nick Knight)
Don Schanke (John Kapelos)
Jeanette Ducharme (Deborah Duchene)
Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher)
Lucien LaCroix (Nigel Bennett)
Javier Vachon (Ben Bass)
Sorry I don't yet have Pics of ,Urs or Screed. Hopefully soon.
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Here's some  of my Fave. scene's for you to watch.  I only have eight uploaded for now though.  Click on the pic to view.  They may take a while to load depending on your connection. But I think they're worth it. These clips are from Kristin's site. She has these and a whole lot more.
Popcorn scene in False Witness.
Geraint Wyn Davies
(Nicolas de Brabant,
Nick Knight)
A cut scene from Dead Air. Nick throws Tarot cards around the loft.
The confession scene in For I Have Sinned
A scene of Nick playing the piano
A Blooper from the Ep. Can't Run Can't Hide.
A outtake from the Ep. Baby,Baby
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Tracy Vetter
( Lisa Ryder)
A outtake from the Ep. ?Forward into the past
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A Flashback scene of Nick & Nat from Only The Lonely
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Most of the images throughout this whole site, are from Kristin's wonderful site. Thanks ,Kristin.
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Wallpaper pick for October-Vampire Detective
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