On October 2, 1999, mankind was robbed of a beautiful human being named Molly Schneider. Molly, known as Stormborn to her online family, was a woman who was never afraid to express exactly how she felt, and made sure everyone knew it, too. She was also an amazing writer, friend, and confidant. She will be greatly mourned and missed.

This page was created to give tribute to Molly, to extend our condolences and prayers, and hopefully to put a salve on the countless wounded hearts Molly leaves behind.

We love you Molly.

Please E-mail me at write4knight@hotmail.com if you would like to contribute to Molly's Page. I will put them up as frequently as I can (hopefully everyday). Please contribute as many times as you wish. There is no limit to love.

Please, let me know if I have either mis-spelled your name, title, or completely messed anything up. If I have, I will fix it ASAP.

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