In the year 2379, a Deep Space Station was designed to house the vampires of Earth. Now under the command of Captain Jadzia Dax with the help of The dashing Field Admiral Nick Knight and his wife the stunning Captain Athena Zoden Knight these brave souls team up to fight the perils of deep space. Deep Space Arc was named after Nick's Patron Saint. Members are encouaged to write fan fiction using Star Trek or Forever Knight characters as well as ones they make up. We promote non censorship of our posts. We just ask everyone respects everyone's rights.
Admiral Nick Knight
Commodore Athena Knight
Captain Jim Sheriden
USS Blade 
USS Crusador - 2382
Captain Soleta of the USS Trident
Nexus Fleet Field Admiral
Lt. Cmdr B'elanna Torres
Lt. Jennifer Waverly
Commissioner Mina Harker
Commissioner Apollo
Lt. Xaul
Lt. Cmdr Romeo Montague
Natalie Lambert
Captain Jeb Solomon
Cmdr Mira Solomon
Captain Dax
Amina Rosewyne
Lt. Katarina Leifson
Rebecca Solomon
                       THE HOUSE OF KANG                                                     
                       Starbase 1                                                               
                       USS Trident                                                                      
Darkness, Emperess of the Brethren Planet
Tylanna Knight Palamas
Lt. Prometheus
Captain Phillip Scorpico
Miran Scorpico
Cadet Daphne Scorpico
Lt. Tarly Argelian
Dr. Celiana Scorpico
Captain Jadzia Dax
Deep Space Arc
This sim is dedicated to Beth, Mickey and Anna. May they always find the peace they are looking for. We love them so much.
Lt. Cmdr Arturos  Palamas
Lt. Stephanie Grey
Dr. Tasha Yar
Lt. Mark McHenry
Major Calisto Redhawk and Commander Michael Redhawk
            The Planet of the Vampire Brethren                                                   
Lord Kronos
Lord Kronos and the Emperess Darkness
Lord Kronos and the Angel Brandy
Julietta Kroniz, the Donna of the Kroniz Family
Sigma Iotia II
                       Sigma Iotia II - Gangster Planet                                          
Jack Okmyx, Concierge
Madame Carlotta Giancarli
Ricardo Galdino
Enil Landos
Guiseppe Vizzinni
Ensign Isakk
Lt. Marcella
Isaac Solomon
Ensign Barry O'Toole
Lt. LeBeau
LT JG Kathy McHenry
Major Drake Van Horn
Lt. Cmdr Garot Troy
Lt. Julius Montague
This sim is dedicated to the loving memory of our departed friend who played Annika Devin. She taught us so many things and the most of all was to love one another. She was one of a kind. So in her immortal words, "I thank you kindly" for all you did for all of us.
Akasha Palamas
Captain Cassandra Jellico
Alvin Murphy Sr.
Leila Domenici
Bobby Okmyx
Don of the Domenici Family
Lt. Cmdr Marcus Montague
Lt. T'Chelle
Lady Melantha Solomon
Zar, Son of Spock
Captain Jennifer Bell
Commissioner Henri Knight
Commissioner of the Nexus Board
30th Century
Captain Mark Leifson
Lt. Jeanne Dell
Lady Leah Solomon
Empress Moya of Sarpedion
                       USS VALLEY FORGE                                                             
Ensign Mikkel Orion
Captain Luna Zoden
Lt. Cmdr Elayne Lyonesse
Ensign Ishkaa Yar Castillo
lt. Cmdr Richard Castillo
USS Relativity
Jania Kahn
Dr. Autumn Jamieson
Counselor Rhiannon Ballard
Romulan Commander Zodok