The USS Crusador is a Prometheus Class ship under the command of Captain Cassandra Artemis Jellico. She and her crew are assigned to protect Starbase 1 near Wolf 359 in the year 2367. This sim is a Star Trek/Forever Knight crossover. You can use characters from those shows or others. Or create one of your very own. This sim is also an Adult sim due to violence, language and sexual situations. After the battle of Wolf 358, the USS Crusader as well as the USS Valley Forge found themselves in the Delta Quadrant.
Crusador Deep Space Arc
USS Crusader 2381
Nexus Fleet
USS Cyrus
USS Trident
Commanding Officers:
Captain Nick Knight
Captain Cassandra Artemis Jellico
Background: Nick was the Captain of Starbase 1 located near Wolf 359. He is a vampire and former policeman. After the battle, he became the Captain of the USS Valley Forge when it found itself in the Delta Quadrant.
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Executive Officer:
Commander Cole Turner
Cole is very strong determine executive officer. He has ties to Hades. He is a lesser Being like Apollo but some call him more like a demon.  He has invulnerability to mind control and he has a very strong upper hand.

Chief Counselor:
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Lt. Athena Zoden
Athena is a full blooded Betazoid. She was born with a birth defect where she cannot turn off her mind reading. She spent some of her childhood in instutions.  Learning to compensate, she was able to use her curse to her advantage. She helps the sick and down trodden in whatever kind of problems they have. Her maternal side makes her a great counselor.She does have ambition of one day becoming a Captain.
Chief of Security:
Lt. Cmdr Gavin Bloodmark
Gavin is a werewolf. All of his senses are highten because of this. He can scent anything including fear. In werewolf form, his strength increases. Plus he has amazing self healing power.
Chief of Science:
Lt. Cmdr Raysta Bloodmyst
Raysta is a former vampire. She contacted a virus that cured her from the curse. She still has the immunities in her bloodstream. She does have a sense of the astral plane where she can sense things not of this world.
Tactical Officer:
Ensign Michael Remy "Gambit" LeBeau
LeBeau is a full blooded Cajun. He is fresh out of the Academy eager to learn and adapt to whatever is call upon him to do. He likes to cook and play the cajun fiddle. He is not the head tactical officer but he hopes one day to be one.