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He was brought across in 1228, preyed on humans for their blood, Now, he wants to be mortal again, (to) repay society for his sins, to emerge from his world of darkness, from his endless  FOREVER KNIGHT
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           Hi my name is Sylvie Huard and I decide to make my own Forever Knight web site.  I'm a big Forever Knight fan that's why my page is about this subject.  I'm french so it's harder for me to make this web site in english but I know almost all the Forever Knight fans are english that's why I make my  page in English so you can read it.Hope you enjoy your visit here!

            I am moving here today so if you come across some broken link I am sorry, I am trying to fix everything now, but you might get some links who still bring you to my old address, they are still good, but I still wanna to make sure that all the links are on Fortunecity.  If that happen I am sorry, I will fix them soon.
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             I'm gonna add new things next week  so try to come back soon  If you have some questions, suggestions or comments don't be shy to e-mail me

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