The last season of the show... We should have noticed it wasn't long for this TV world when Nick and Natilie's "relationship" was copied with Tracy and Vachon. When Janette left and later became mortal and was stupid enough to come back to Nick just to be killed.

Such a cute couple that shouldn't have perished. Nick was pathetic in thinking he could handle bringing her across, he should have taken care of it, and he should have waited when he was stonger. He should have done a lot of things but 'tis in the past and the past is just that. We can not resurrect them nor shall we attempt.


These pictures would be the gems of the net, my favs, or the ones I think I might be able to draw some day. Most of the them you see on this page you can find on any of the FK sites, you just have to browse and if you're a fan like me you've practically have visited all of them by now... Or all the decent ones any ways..


Like most fans my heart felt like it was being torn out of my chest and dance upon as I watch the last episode. I even had to change the channel every know and then for I could bare to watch them kill off my beloved characters that I had spent most of the three years of the show's run time, day dreaming about. I think I've dreamt a thousand times how Nick would react to discovering a new breed of vampires, mine. I've tried every possible way. I come in like Secret or some other character that would be a combination of Sec, Nik and myself and take Vachon for a ride and scare Tracy. I'd spend hours dreaming of these and others while trying to fall asleep.

The loose of 'my show' stirred up so many emotions in me that I thought was little heavy for a TV show, just something else to make the 'rentals worry about me. I'd sit right in front to the show to get a good view and to stop the tape, yelling at Lecroix's sermons always about Nick. Or yell at Tracy never seeing the similarities between Vachon and Nick. I adventually had to limit the pictures I had up to three, it was just a reminder of yet another one of my favorite shows that I had watch religiously taken from me. And I don't watch a lot of shows as devoted as I was towards that show.



No matter how pissed off I am and always will be towards jack-ass who took Forever Knight from, I kind of understand and knew the show wouldn't last for long. I mean come on people, there's just so much you can do with real life acting. So far that Geriant and Nigel and the rest could take it. Adventually age would catch up to the cast and age is sort of a big deal when you're playing vampires. I'm still undecided what I would prefer if my stories were ever to become famous and worth a movie or something. Sure you can do real wicked stuff in the movies but there are limitations and I'm just picky when it comes to vampires, especially my vampires.



When I first found this pic. on the net I was at the college's computer lab late at night, like usually for I'm a known night hawk the family. I burst out laughing in the room; gladly there were only ten or so people in the room. It's just the best picture of them all that I have found. Some day I will be able to print this picture out so I can see enough of the back ground so I can draw them and have it look good. Not like the portioned one I saw on the net.

Here's a hint - if you're printing any of these off this one is going to be black. I printed it off at school and was kind of disappointed, sure it looked the same but it was just not right. I liked Vachon from the first scene, and I knew it was because of the hair. I love guys with long hair only because they remind me of vampires, you always seem them with long hair. So I try to write that into my stories, but like in our society they don't like the thought of breaking such an old cliche. Things have to change for they can't. The character of Tracy seem weak to me, no matter how tough she always tried to be I always saw the helpless side of her. I kept shouting at the screen at Tracy telling her to make the first move on Vachon. If she wanted to take the relationship - or whatever they had - to the next level. Vachon was surely not about to move from his well grooved in bar stool.


I found this gem while at school, and had to have it. It's the only one in my collection that I cherish the most. Even though I made cracks about Janette dresses I admired the creativity in them. But this dress is like the chiche of all vampire dresses, with the cheer strings coming off the shoulders. She was one of the best female vampires out there, she had it all. Sensitivity, taking in the prostitutes and giving them a haven. Attitude just picks any moment for they all were obvious. Janette was a powerful character that pissed me off when they made her mortal. Consider this, Janette was always up in Nick's face about regaining his mortality, she nagged him in her own little ways. And then she does this incredible 360-degree turn to Nick's view of thinking. I'm curious about what made a big enough impact in her life to make her actually consider regaining her own mortality? You ever notice her earrings? They always reminded me of the '80s, big and bulky. Have my earrings were like that in the eighties, when I wore earrings in the bottom

You go on line and you see that they have these sites where people are trying to jump start a Forever Knight. Now sure I would love to have another show that I would love. Unfortunately I don't think I can go through it again when the bastards decide to yank it off the air. Now I realize they have to keep all sorts of things in mine, but I can't help think that they rob people who live in small towns and can't afford really to send out ten copies of pleading to put a show back on. Vampires are not for everyone; it's like secret society of people like the shows and the movies. But to try to redo such a show as Forever Knight was is an enormous amount of work has to go into it. Not to mention time and patience. Now let's face it... no matter how much we love the actors who played the roles for those years. We certainly can't go recast them all. Hell they killed off everyone except Lecroix. All the characters that had a chance of having a serious depth to are gone. They didn't take any risks. They didn't experiment. In my eyes there's always a way out of something, you just have to create it... Make it a dream sequence or something... All the good plots are seemingly coming out in the novels now. Like in Intimations of Mortality all the vampires were mortals and all the mortals were vampires. I still find myself trying to picture Tracey as a vampire, or Natalie. It rather bothered me that this novel was pretty damn good and I read it rather fast to see how it would end. It was just what I waiting for the show to do. In my stories I've experimented, I had one character a vampire and then he made mortal again by a jealous father. Come on people. Nigel can't keep playing Lecroix; the guy has enough things going on. He couldn't commit to a series with all the guest appearances he's got going on.

If, by some odd chance that we do see a new show sometime of any of our lives, there going to have to get some serious creativity going on. Other then having a relationship copied to fit a younger couple. I think that one ticked me off the most. I'm saying that it was a total rip off, couldn't the writer's think of anything else? There's other ways to show similarities between an mature couple and a younger couple.

O.kay I'm done venting...


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